[ Completed, continued at http://heard.smackjeeves.com ] There's something to be said about the kindness of strangers.. A girl is brought back from the depth of sorrow by an unknown passerby. [24 Hour Comic: done all in one sitting in 24 Hours.] IS CURRENTLY BEING CONTINUED AT: http://heard.smackjeeves.com (Warnings: Shoujo-ai, GL, lesbian romance, whatever you wanna call it. )

latest comic: Before you read HEARD..

The sequel has begun!!

Thanks for everyone who has been reading SEEN!

This was a project I did in April of 2005.

NOW, I'm continuing the story!


Please enjoy the sequel. :D

Good News!

Good News, everyone!

Starting tomorrow, JUNE 1st, SEEN will be continued in the form of a sequel!

I'm going to be challenging myself for the month of june to do 1 page per day-- so I chose to continue SEEN.

Obviously since the first page will be drawn June 1st, it will be posted at 11:59 at night, June 1st, and should hopefully update every day from then.

In order to get everyone "caught up", I'll be bumping up the premier of the last few pages. :) No more cliffhangers! enjoy!

SEEN: launching on SmackJeeves!

Hi everyone!

This is my first webcomic posting on Smackjeeves..

I've decided to stop hosting my comics on my own website, and to start hosting them here-- just to get them a bit more exposure, and get some feedback.

So, please feel free to comment everywhere and let me know what to think.

Expect some new boy/boy and girl/girl projects to be posted soon!

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